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Boost Your Health with Lemongrass Tea: A Guide

Boost Your Health with Lemongrass Tea: A Guide

By Aditi Kulkarni

Native to South Asia but used widely across Eastern Asia, the lemongrass plant has become a staple in cooking and tea. With a slight lemon aroma and tart taste, iced or hot lemongrass tea is easy to make from the comfort of your own home. But this tea is more powerful than you think; it can improve your gut and heart health. There’s more where that came from, though. Here are eight health benefits that are associated with lemongrass tea.



1. Improves Digestion

Studies have found that lemongrass tea may decrease nausea and stomach pains and work as a digestive stimulant. Lemongrass also has antifungal and antibacterial properties that can protect against infections that may impact your digestion. And, lemongrass tea has been seen to protect the body from gastric ulcers that may form.  


2. Relieves Anxiety

Did you know that the aroma of lemongrass has been associated with anxiety relief? Lemongrass tea may help soothe anxiety as well; drinking the tea may make you feel calmer or less anxious. However, it’s important to note that further studies need to be done to determine the effectiveness. 


3. Reduces Bloating and Help Weight Loss

Since lemongrass tea acts as a digestive stimulant, it may assist in relieving excess waste from the body. This may help speed up your metabolism, which is associated with weight loss. Also, since lemongrass tea makes you urinate more, it may help with water retention and bloating. 

Lemongrass tea


4. Promotes Heart Health

The anti-inflammatory properties in lemongrass tea are great for protecting your heart health. By reducing inflammation in blood vessels and arteries, blood cells can move more freely. Drinking lemongrass tea has also been associated with increasing red blood cell numbers, which is great for heart health. 


5. Helps Balance Cholesterol Levels

Studies have also shown that consuming lemongrass tea may lower cholesterol levels due to the quercetin in the tea. Quercetin is an anti-inflammatory flavonoid that protects heart health and balances cholesterol levels. So, this tea may benefit your heart health and prevent heart disease. 


6. Is Full of Antioxidants

Antioxidants are great for eliminating free radicals in the body. Free radicals may be associated with cancer cell formation, so the antioxidants in lemongrass tea may help to prevent the growth of these cells. This also helps fight against premature aging. 


7. Improves Oral Health

In various Asian countries, lemongrass stalks are chewed on to keep the mouth clean. Studies have shown that lemongrass actually kills bacteria in the mouth to promote fresher breath and better oral hygiene. 


8. Promotes Hair and Skin Health

Lemongrass tea has vitamins A and C which are great for your hair and skin. Drinking this tea is also great for your hair; it may strengthen your hair follicles, prevent dandruff, stop hair fall, and help with hair growth.



Lemongrass tea is a delicious way to rid your body of toxins and promote your health. To take your lemongrass tea to the next level, try adding honey or brown sugar. And, be sure to try Leeli Chai, a simple and delicious blend featuring lemongrass and cardamom — which give it a bright and citrusy finish that can be enjoyed hot or iced. 

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