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Gulab City - Rose Chai Blend - 20 Servings

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Gulab City (or "rose" city in Hindi) is an ode to One Stripe Chai's hometown city - Portland, Oregon. Portland is often called the Rose City for its marine west coast climate and clay soils which are ideal for growing roses, amongst much other plant life. The city boasts many large rose gardens, including one of the oldest in the country, the International Rose Test Garden.

Organic Ingredients

Rose petals, Assam CTC & Orthodox black tea, green cardamom


100g/3.5 oz
20 servings per bag

Nutrition Facts

Contains caffeine


With Portland being the City of Roses, we knew that rose chai would have to show up in our lineup of blends at some point. Spring is one of our favorite times of the year so we wanted to make a blend that celebrates the season and our city!

This blend features beautiful organic rose petals from India and also debuts our orthodox (full leaf) Assam black tea from our partner farm in Assam, India. While CTC black tea alone is great for a strong masala chai, it can overpower roses which are subtler and delicate in flavor. For this chai, we blended the perfect balance of orthodox and CTC black tea as a foundation on which the rose can shine along with some hints of cardamom. The result is a velvety chai with floral notes that we hope you will love as much as we do!

As always, our black tea is directly sourced from a small organic and biodynamic farm in Assam, India.


How to brew one cup

  • Bring 4oz water + 4oz milk + 3 tsp chai blend to a boil

  • Boil on medium for 5 minutes

  • Strain and add sweetener as desired


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