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Make Your Own Chai Concentrate!

Make Your Own Chai Concentrate!
Out of your favorite One Stripe Chai concentrate or in between orders? Now you can make your own chai concentrate at home! Use our Chai Me At Home Masala Chai Blend to create a fresh and delicious chai concentrate at home that is easy to use!
Here's the recipe:
✨ Bring 4 cups of water to boil
✨ Add about 1/3 cup of One Stripe Chai's Chai Me At Home Masala chai blend to the boiling water (adjust this for flavor strength if you want)
✨ Cover and simmer for 30 minutes, until you get a really concentrated brew ✨ Let the concentrate cool before straining into an airtight vessel (we love mason jars!)
✨ When you’re ready to use, just mix the concentrate 1:1 with any milk of your choice and enjoy your chai heated or over ice!
You can also get creative and use the concentrate in baked goods, as a base for other drinks, etc. get creative!

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